Villa Serena Group is made up of several Assisted Living Facilities managed by Roxana Solano. Over 21 years of experience in providing services and managing programs for the elderly and disabled, the facility is tested and proven in the field of care-giving.

Roxana Solano  became passionate about senior communiities after volunteering at an assisted living home as a musician in the 90s.

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Villa Serena Group specializes in providing assisted living services to seniors and individuals requiring supportive care. With our goal of continuously providing quality care, we establish a strong and effective care planning process. Alongside this, strong administrative oversight of the day to day operation is also maintained to ensure organization and welfare of our senior residents.

Villa Serena “This is my home”.

“Together we are better”.

“Where friends become family”.

Licensed by AHCA, Villa Serena Group consists of caring, well trained and qualified staff that is appropriate to our clients’ needs. We value that our residents are different individuals having unique and exceptional necessities, that’s why we try as much as we can to give them our personalized care, too. We only consider what we can give best to your elderly love ones. Learn about Our Services to get to know us better.